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Our research reaches from the primordial fluctuations in the Universe down to its structuration at the largest scales in the most recent era. We study how the cosmic web elements are forming and evolving both through modelling and observations.


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1 month 3 weeks ago

In a recent study the ByoPiC team takes advantage of the most recent X-ray survey, SRG/eROSITA, to confirm unambiguously the detection of an X-ray signal associated with thermal emission from a hot plasma in cosmic filaments.

This signal from only 460 filaments, located in the first 140 deg² survey published by the SRG/eROSITA collaboration, has allowed the density and temperature of the plasma to be constrained precisely.

3 months 1 week ago

For the first time, the distant galaxy clusters discovered by the Planck satellite can be explained by simulations which also predict their future evolution.

4 months 6 days ago

Hubert Bretonnière, Cosmology team, defended his thesis entitled "Galaxy morphology for Euclid: Simulations, forecasts and detection with deep learning", carried out under the supervision of Hervé Dole, Marc Huertas-Company, and Alexandre Boucaud. He is now a new doctor of Université Paris Saclay and is leaving for the University of Santa Cruz (USA). Congratulations to him!

6 months 2 weeks ago


The first data were presented on Tuesday 12 July. They confirm the exceptional performance of the JWST and its four scientific instruments (NIRSPec, NIRISS, NIRCam, MIRI), in particular the angular resolution and sensitivity which are often better than predicted.