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Data processing

The Cosmology  team is heavily involved in the Integrated Data and Operations Center (IDOC). Since our creation, we develop and maintain expertise in pipeline processing for high-level data from long wavelength space missions.



For example, novel algorithms have been developed to correct for instrumental effects in the case of the ISOCAM instrument onboard the ISO satellite. All data distributed by ESA have been treated with this algorithm. The IRAS all the sky survey has also been reprocessed to correct for instrumental residues and photometric uncertainties. The Improved Reprocessing of the IRAS Survey (IRIS) is now available through IDOCIRSA, or CDS in Strasbourg via Aladin.


We have also developed, with the "problèmes inverses" group of the L2S, unsupervised methods for super-resolution (SUPREME) to obtain images with a 2 to 3 times better resolution on the spatial and spectral maps of Herschel/SPIRE. We adapted the maximum likelihood method SANEPIC to data from both Herschel/SPIRE and Herschel/PACS. These pipelines and the data, corrected for systematics and reprocessed in a consistent manner, are delivered to the community by IDOC via HESIOD, the first provider of Herschel photometric data in the Virtual Observatory.



With IDOC, we also developed a thematic portal "SZ clusters" serving as an interface for validation and internal delivery of Planck catalogues, as well as a support for publicly released catalogues of SZ clusters detected by Planck but also by ACT and SPT. This portal gathers homogeneous data for strong added value.

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