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The research of the Astrophysics of Interstellar Matter (AMIS) group at the IAS encompasses many aspects of the physics and chemistry of interstellar matter, including both the gas and dust (composition, structure, evolution, etc.) from the diffuse interstellar medium to the formation of stars and proto-planetary disks.


A particular effort is being made to develop data processing and analysis tools and to disseminate  these products and software to the community.


Overs the years we have been involved with many missions, including: IRAS, ISO, Herschel, Planck, ...


Group members


Alain Abergel (teacher)

Meriem El Yajouri (post-doc)
Emilie Habart (lecturer, head of the team)
Anthony Jones (Research Director)

Raphaël Meshaka (doctoral student)

Lara Pantoni (post-doc)

Dan Pineau (doctoral student)
Axel Rymar (doctoral student)

Benoît Tabone (post-doc)
Laurent Verstraete (teacher)
Nathalie Ysard (Research Officer)

Marion Zannese (doctoral student)


Move your cursor over each photo to see the names. Clic on each photo to get the contact information of each member of the AMIS team


Emilie HabartDan DickenMarion ZanneseLaurent VerstraeteNathalie YsardAnthony JonesDan PineauAlain AbergelAxel RymarBenoît TaboneMeriem El YajouriRaphaël MeshakaLara Pantoni

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