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The European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory (formerly called Far Infrared and Sub-millimetre Telescope or FIRST) has the largest single mirror ever built for a space telescope. At 3.5-metres in diameter the mirror will collect long-wavelength radiation from some of the coldest and most distant objects in the Universe. In addition, Herschel is the only space observatory to cover a spectral range from the far infrared to sub-millimetre.


Contact at IAS: Alain Abergel & Alexandre Beelen

Project Status :
In progress

BISOU (Balloon Interferometer for Spectral Observations of the primordial Universe) is a CNES Phase 0 study in order to assess the feasibility of the detection of the y-type spectral distortions of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) from a stratospheric balloon project.


Contacts at IAS : Nabila Aghanim and Bruno Maffei


Project Status :
Phase 0 study


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