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Three post-doc positions in large scale structure cosmology

The ByoPiC (The Baryon Picture of the Cosmos) team, funded by an advanced ERC grant, invites applications for postdoctoral positions in large scale structure and cosmology with the objective of mapping and characterising the baryon distribution at the largest cosmic scales.

Positions filled.


We are opening 3 postdoctoral positions (duration up to three years) to hire young researchers willing to contribute their expertise and enthusiasm at the service of the ByoPiC project. Successful candidates will work on:

  1. the development of statistical methods for global identification, supervised classification and assembly of cosmic web elements,
  2. the detection, census and characterisation of baryons in groups and clusters of galaxies,
  3. the statistical or individual detection of diffuse gas in filaments & superclusters.

We encourage applicants with statistical, observational or theoretical backgrounds in cosmology and large scale structures. Expertise in detection methods and data analysis (CMB, Sunyaev-Zel'dovich, optical/IR, etc.) will be particularly appreciated.

The anticipated starting date is September 2017, but earlier dates can be envisaged. Benefits include full access to the French healthcare system.


For furthter details and application submission, please visit the pages of the ByoPiC project.



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