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The James Webb Space Telescope reveal spectacular view of Orion Nebula

12/09/2022 - 18:15

An international research team has just revealed the first images of the Orion Nebula, the richest and closest star nursery in the Solar System, captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. They once again demonstrate the exceptional performance of this instrument.


These images were obtained as part of the Early Release Science PDRs4All program (ID 1288). Co-directed by Emilie Habart from IAS, Olivier Berné from IRAP and Els Peeters from the University of Western Ontario (Canada), PDRs4All is an international collaboration involving several French laboratories and a team of more than a hundred scientists in 18 countries. This program brings together several IAS researchers and engineers including Alain Abergel, Boris Trahin, Meriem El-Yajouri, Benoit Tabone, Marion Zannese, Nathalie Ysard, Laurent Verstraete, Anthony Jones, Dan Pineau et Raphael Meshak  and Olga Kannavou. This project, initiated several years ago, is based on the skills developed at the IAS: the implementation of space instruments at long wavelengths, the processing and analysis of data, astrophysical modelling, and analyzes in laboratory of extraterrestrial materials and interstellar dust analogues.


Contacts at IAS : Emilie Habart, Alain Abergel, Boris Trahin, Dan Pineau, Raphaël Meshaka


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The inner Orion nebula seen with JWST

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